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I’m an old man. Probably too old to be starting a career as a novelist. I should have done this a long time ago. I might be good at it by now. Crafting a plot into a coherent story, creating believable characters that pique a reader's interest, describing scenes and circumstances for the mind's eye, all of that is  an intellectual and creative challenge.

I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in history from a small liberal arts college in Missouri. I earned a J.D. after that and went into banking for ten years or so. All lawyers dream about private practice so I left the S&L and set up my own office for about six years. The days of the single practitioner were over and, as much as I enjoyed being my own boss, the money just wasn’t there.

I bounced around different banks after that and did a stint as General Counsel for a small construction company. I retired in 2008 and decided my verbal skills might be marketable. Besides, I really loved writing and good storytelling.

I’m a widower and live with Bartleby, my cat, in the starter house my wife and I bought in 1971. We raised two kids who became remarkable adults. Theresa and Emmett are my proudest achievement. Ginny and I got that right.

I’m a pipe smoker, much to the consternation of my cardiologist.