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Yes, you’re in the right place. This is the website for Fredric W. Meek. By way of explanation, Whitefield Writing Services was created when I retired from banking and thought I could make a few bucks in retirement as a freelance writer for community banks. I can’t change the URL without creating an entire new website.

I use the business name as my imprint for self-published work. It looks more professional, I think. So, in any case, welcome. The site is updated frequently so check back now and then to see how I’m doing. Please feel free to share your comments.



Released for publication June 3, 2017

TRIUMPHUS PLEBIS, The Triumph of the Plebieans. This is the last of the three books in the loosely connected series set in ancient Rome.

Available as a paperback or for Kindle at Amazon.com. Also available for Nook at Barnes and Noble, as an ebook at Kobo, and as an ibook for Apple.

Gaius Gabinus wants revenge. Returning from the Samnite War in 290 B.C.E, Gaius finds his family bankrupt and his father murdered. Milo Plotius, the moneylender, is responsible.

But Plotius, a rich and powerful senator, is protected by law. Gaius looks for help from the Tribunes of the Plebs. Only one offers any hope, and that tribune has his own agenda.

Forced to make his family his first priority, Gaius and his new slave, Silvanus, form an uneasy truce that, ultimately, will grow into friendship. They learn that Silvanus’s wife is being held hostage in Sicily, and only she knows where a hidden family fortune can be found. The lure of treasure convinces Gaius to undertake the rescue of his slave’s family.

Fame and wealth leads to tension between Gaius and Silvanus. As the helpful tribune draws Gaius deeper and deeper into Roman politics, events compel Gaius to choose between duty, friendship, and justice.

The College, a novel
of the Vatican
Finis Republicae,
a novel of ancient Rome

Inceptum Finis, The Beginning of the End, a novel of ancient Rome

You can visit my Amazon Author Page by clicking here and my Goodreads Author Page by clicking here.